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Garage Door Spring Services For Expert Performance

If you recently heard a bang noise from your garage or that the door is not opening correctly, we can help you with garage door spring service. Because of the heavy weight of your door, the pressure within a spring and the array of other hidden issues, repair and replacement is a job best left to the pros.

Leave your spring service to the professionals at VIP. We can quickly assist anyone in the NJ, NY or CT areas.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Sometimes, a repair may be all that’s necessary for your springs. It’s possible that if you’re noticing excessive squeaking that all the spring needs is lubricant, but that may only be a temporary fix if there is something else malfunctioning. There are other adjustments or garage door maintenance that may be necessary as well.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Garage Door Spring Replacement

A broken spring is always a cause for a replacement. Signs one may have broken include:

  • Crooked Door

  • Jerky Opening and Closing

  • Rapid Closing

  • Bend at the Top of the Door

  • Loose Cables

Here is a test to see if your spring is close to failure: First, disengage your garage door opener. Then, manually open your door all the way. It should stay in that position. After that, pull the door down halfway. If the door seems very heavy or doesn’t stay up on its own, you may want to consider a replacement.

Torsion Springs

There are two types of garage door springs: extension and torsion. Extension springs have more parts, are more prone to failure and safety issues and last up to 10,000 uses. Torsion springs, on the other hand, are sturdier and can last as long as 20,000 uses. As the average door opens and closes over a thousand times a year, a torsion spring will be more reliable for longer.

We do provide extension springs if that is what you’re after, but we highly recommend torsion springs if you’re looking for improved safety and longer time between spring repairs.

Ensure Safety & Efficiency With VIP

Garage door springs are something that it pays to give consideration to. They are powerful and also dangerous when handled incorrectly. VIP has 10+ years of expertise to repair or replace your garage door parts safely. We’re committed to providing efficient, effective results that you can depend on for many years.

Call us at (201) 201-7235 with any questions or service requests!