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The Tri-State’s Premier Garage Door Repair Service

VIP Garage Door can fix everything from specific issues such as bent garage door tracks to broken garage door cables  to diagnosing odd signs and much more. We are the full service company that can do every type of garage door repair.

Just tell us the problem your door is having, and we’ll help you determine the best course of action.

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Garage Door Roller Repair/Replacement

A few signs that you may need your garage door rollers serviced include:

  • Loudly Squeaking Door

  • Vibrating Door

  • Door That Frequently Pops Out of Alignment

Some rollers need to be replaced as often as two years. If you haven’t had your rollers serviced in a while, it’s a good idea to get it done before the signs you are noticing get much worse. Ideally, they should also be relubricated a few times a year and inspected once a year.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Garage Door Panel Repair/Replacement

We frequently see doors that have panel damage from car impacts. (Hit it yourself recently? Don’t worry–It happens). Other causes include weather and age.

We may recommend a whole garage door replacement on two conditions:

  • Your Door is Damaged Too Badly

  • Your Door is Older Than 25 Years

Noisy Garage Door

With so many moving parts, there are many reasons why your garage door might be making unpleasant noises:

  • Loose Parts – Screws, nuts and bolts can all come loose, allowing the force of an opening or closing door to rattle and vibrate.

  • Inadequate Lubricant – Squeaking can often be fixed by adding more lubricant, but sometimes it’s just a short-term solution if there are other causes at play.

  • Worn Out Parts – We can help you pinpoint where the noise is coming from and if that part needs replacing. This includes your garage door opener .

Emergency Garage Door Service

A garage door repair is an emergency when you’re trapped in our out of your home or there is a safety risk from a malfunctioning part. When this happens, you can rely on VIP for fast arrivals and turnarounds.

Call Now For a Speedy, Expert Garage Door Repair

VIP serves NY, NY & CT with knowledgeable, reliable and affordable garage door services. When we arrive at your home for service, we are fully prepared with all the parts we need to complete the repair in a timely fashion.

Call us now at (201) 201-7235 if something in your garage door system is not working as it should. From a little squeaking to complete disasters, we can help you every step of the way!