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Unsurpassed Garage Door Opener Services in the Tri-State Area

Whatever type of garage door opener service you need, VIP can do it! And not only that, but we can do it up to your highest standards. We repair every type of issue you may be experiencing and install all types of openers across a selection of quality brands.

So whether you need an urgent repair or are looking for an upgrade, we are ready to help at your request.

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Opener Installation, Replacement & Repair

We can service and install any type or brand of garage door opener.

We recommend a repair or replacement if you are noticing any of these signs:

  • Sluggish Opening and Closing – Your door shouldn’t open fast, as that is a safety issue, but it’s an annoyance the other way around.

  • Failure to Open – There are many reasons why your door might not open properly, including broken garage door springs, but nothing is moving at all, it’s likely an opener issue.

  • Loud Noise – Creaking, Squeaking or other unusual noises from your opener can indicate that it is struggling.

  • Unreliability – It’s remarkable the difference will experience when you have an opener replaced that stops working at random times.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Belt, Chain Drive & Jackshaft Openers

It’s important to know the different type of openers there are in order to be satisfied with your installation or replacement. Here is a quick overview:

  • Belt Openers – These are the most popular type of opener. They are selected for numerous reasons, including wireless control for multiple devices, quiet operation and the choice of many bonus features.

  • Chain Openers – A chain opener is your cheapest option. Their strength makes them suitable for commercial applications, although they are also available for residential use.

  • Jackshaft Openers – Most openers are secured above the garage door, but jackshaft openers are installed on the side.

Check out our selection of quality garage door opener brands.

Choose VIP For Amazing Garage Door Performance

With so many moving parts, there are many reasons why your garage door might be making unpleasant noises:

Smooth, quiet, reliable opening and closing is not a fantasy when you work with VIP! We know that the appearance of your door is just as important as how it works, so we fully apply our expertise to every service. With our reputation for loyalty, professionalism, affordability and efficiency, you’re sure to enjoy working with our dedicated team.

Contact us online or call us at (201) 201-7235 to speak with one of our experts.