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Garage Door Installation & Replacement – NJ, NY, CT

A new garage door should be exciting, not stressful! Working with VIP Garage Door to achieve your goals will ensure that is the case. We provide a multitude of professional services to construct your vision, no matter how specific or basic.

Plus, when you choose VIP for the job, you’ll have access to an enormous selection of garage doors, garage door openers and other products.

Garage Door Replacements

Whether you want to give your home a new look or are wondering if it is time for a garage door replacement, VIP can meet your specific needs.

These are our top signs that you would benefit from a replacement door:

  • It’s Over 20 Years Old – Keep in mind that there are many parts to your garage door system, and most of them will have to be replaced before they reach 20 years of age. The door itself will eventually accumulate a lot of wear.

  • It Met With a Bad Accident – Panel Repair is fine for isolated damage, but chances are, if your door had a really significant impact, you’ll need to replace the whole thing.

  • You are Not Happy With the Appearance – Your personal preference is enough reason, but an attractive garage door can be a major appeal if you are eventually putting your house up for sale.

24 Hour Emergency Service

As with all of our services, we will make sure that everything else with your garage door system is in order when we replace the door. If we notice something that will negatively impact the performance of your new door, we’ll point it out to you for consideration. Many times, it’s just a quick fix that can make a big difference.

Make Your Garage Door Installation a Positive Experience With VIP

We have built our company on a foundation of values that make us stand out as a quality choice in our industry.

  • Reliable, Loyal & Trustworthy – A decade of serving the tri-state area has made the area comfortable and satisfied with providing us with repeat business.

  • Affordable – We don’t take advantage of our customers.

  • Committed – The results you want are the results we are determined to achieve.

  • Knowledgeable & Expert – Our technicians are trained on every aspect of garage door systems.

  • Efficient – We deliver quality results in a fast time frame.

Make no sacrifices with your service! Just call VIP at (201) 201-7235.