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Commercial Garage Doors For a Variety of Applications

VIP Garage Door will help you achieve a professional commercial garage door installation with a durable door at an affordable price. Our doors operate at maximum efficiency and have a professional feel. We also provide service to existing doors, helping you pinpoint and resolve problems while saving you money.

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Roll Up Garage Door

For mini warehouses and self-storage facilities, we provide a line of commercial roll-up steel doors. The security of everything inside the building will be completely secured with a combination of high quality steel and precise design. These doors also have the added benefits of:

  • Rust Prevention

  • Weather Durability

  • Low Noise Level

  • Secure Fit, Even On Irregular Floors

24 Hour Emergency Service

Rolling Up Gates/Roll Up Gates

We can install several different types of rolling commercial steel doors:

  • Service Doors – Can accommodate most buildings.

  • Security Grills – Perfect for retail and other industrial and commercial applications.

  • Counter Doors/Shutters – Ideal for cafeterias, pharmacies, cashiers, etc.

These doors are fast acting, and depending on the type, are available in different material and color options.

Commercial Gate Repair

A lot is at stake if the security or safety of your commercial gate becomes compromised. Unattended repair needs can also cause a loss of efficiency, and that translates into lost money.

VIP arrives with a fully stocked truck to complete even the most involved repairs. No matter what your industry, or type of brand of door, you can rely on us.

If you’re on the fence on whether you need a repair soon, check these common signs. They could save you from a sudden failure that will cause a massive inconvenience:

  • Slow Response Time – An opener should prompt a quick response from the door.

  • Crooked Door – A crooked door often indicates your door has come off track, which can become worse quickly. Frayed or broken garage door cables can also be a culprit.

  • Excessive Noise – Loud noises out of the blue should be looked into.

Businesses in the Tri-State Area Trust VIP

Garage door products and services are something most people don’t take lightly. There is an enormous amount at stake when selecting a company to care for your commercial establishment. VIP has shown we understand that with our backing of over 10 years of successful projects.

Get in touch at (201) 201-7235 to discuss how we can help you succeed today.