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As a first time user of this business, I was pleased with their attitude, work ethic,professionalism and efficiency. I recommend them for all your garage door needs. [static-nn-widget type="inline" name="false" accent="#fff"] Read All Reviews >>

Garage Door Installation & Maintenance Services Throughout the New York City Area

We service every single part of both commercial and residential garage door systems, from the doors themselves to the openers to the literal nuts and bolts. But we do more than simply provide a service. We also address your specific concerns and help you enjoy a door that is both attractive and optimally functional. We fix sagging doors, squeaky/noisy doors, off-track doors, broken springs and anything you may be struggling with. For our installation options, we offer diverse choices for even the most particular preferences.

Leave your service to us and enjoy a door that is:
  • Quiet
  • Beautiful
  • Smooth
  • Reliable

Serving New York, New Jersey & Conneticut

We let our client reviews speak to our honesty, expertise and reliability. Read comments from real people in your area and get an honest-to-goodness review of our work. READ MORE
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We want to help guide you to a decision that you will be satisfied with. We aren’t here to simply sell you a service but to help you address your unique service/product needs. With installations in particular, there are so many options that can be overwhelming all at once. While we make all quality options available, we also want to make sure you’re getting what you want.
25% OFFNew Garage Door Installation
We think of many ways to help you save money over the life of your door, from beginning to end. We use quality products that will last over time and offer ongoing maintenance services to help you dodge larger repair costs. Jump-starting with a discount, we can save you 25% on initial costs. Learn More